Arcana is a small democratic nation to the North of the Freebuilders server.


Arcana was founded on a dream. A dream that the people would be able to rule and govern themselves. Soundwave84 founded it after leaving Cradle. It was tough going at first, but with help of friends and mods, the nation soon got running.


As mentioned before, Arcana is a democracy. Meaning candidates are elected by the people to serve terms. A leader may serve two terms (provided he/she is reelected). Each lasting a week. Only Arcanan citizens may run as candidates or vote. A Congress system will be set up and will contain a group of residents who decide whether or not to pass laws created by the leader. In the case of the Congress, the majority shall rule.


Right now, we only have two residents listed below.

  • Chaos_kampf
  • Dazureus

We welcome anyone interested in the Nation. So please, stop on by sometime.

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