Freebuilders is a gaming community in which mature players enjoy vanilla Minecraft. We take special care to make sure the experience of playing on the server is fun, easy, and relaxing. In our opinion, details matter in a Minecraft experience. Freebuilders is meant to be an attractive escape from day-to-day life.

Freebuilders started in 2013 as a creative server designed for a class of high schoolers in Pennsylvania. The community includes many longtime members and is run by stable staff who have the intention of keeping the server up for as long as possible. Our latest map reset occurred on February 29th, 2016.




Our server host is DemonVPS. The server currently runs on a 4GB virtual machine and costs $15 a month. It is based in Phoenix, Arizona, though we've found the ping for EU and AS players to be pretty good as well.



Freebuilders 1.0

Freebuilders 2.0

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