Groothuize is located on the large patch of taiga located in the southeast of the map. It lies northeast from Akatsuki Frontier and south of Xenyth's castle. Groothuize is a survival complex and belongs to and is build by Mhoving. It is completely unfinished, but as of december 2015 progress is going quickly.

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The history of Groothuize

Groothuize was created about half a year ago by mhoving. His initial plan was to polder the sea and add large Dutch Mannerist buildings, but said plan quickly proved impossible without large scale destruction of the landscape. A week or so in, half a choir of a large church building, almost finished at the time was, was converted into a storage, a small owl garden (partly in the sea) was made with an useless row of columns topped with an entablature. The building of the facade of Groothuize, the large central palace was started next and was finished as was the lower part of the east wing, but for a few months after that there was practically zero progress on Groothuize.The birch tower (De kleine witte) was build during that period. Progress on Groothuize resumed in october/november 2015 and the ballroom was formally finished and the walls of the east wing were completed. A bridge was also build from Xen's place to the western part of Groothuize. This bridge was build by Xenyth, Cosaertje, Enzu and Mhoving (if I forgot anyone, please say so). After that a start was made on a garden west of the existing complex and a connection to the bridge was needed. A new house was built on this new lap of ground, as the storage is too unsafe. Another house was built next to the owl garden.

Most of the stone and dirt comes from directly underneath Groothuize.

Future of Groothuize

East wing and the main build are to be finished in February or march 2016. Also Groothuize dropped the earlier 'abanadoned' hotel story and become more of a town. If anyone is interested in making buildings for the region they can contact Mhoving.


Groothuize means large house in Dutch. However only the palace is technically called Groothuize. As of now there is no name for the actual region, so Groothuize is also used as a name for the region for now.

Territorial Claims

The north-eastern part of the taiga is considered Groothuize territory, especially the ice plains. The extreme hills and forests east of Groothuize are also exploited, but (as of january 2016) not truly part of Groothuize.

How to reach

Groothuize's only official and easiest point of entry is the bridge from Xenyth's place, although you could walk trough the taiga.

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