Groothuize-Gwent (GG)

Warning: I'm going to change this page quite often the next week or so, this is because an update is needed. The former page was almost a year old.

Groothuize-Gwent (GG) is a city in Freebuilders 2.0 located at (X: -1887,Z: -1010). Groothuize-Gwent is well known for it's large and ornate buildings and is currently ruled by mhoving and Fictitious_Rotor. Other contributors are mixr, mrlaurent, Salopian and Simonator28.


The city was founded by Isakmar88, now called Simonator28, and mhoving on march 3rd 2016. It is named after their domains in Freebuilders 1.0, the medieval-fantasy city Gwent and Groothuize palace. During the last days of the old map mhoving and Isak decided they would live together in the new map. They settled in an extreme hills biome which is currently north of the city centre. The origin of GG is therefore not the city centre, but rather its storage. Very early it was decided the spruce forest island, which was relatively flat and encircled by a river, was to become the city centre.

After that begins a long period of cycles of abandonment and changing plans. Simonator28 left the project eventually and while mhoving wanted to drop GG several times, he did keep developing the city. After Simon left the city has, somewhat ironcally, known almost continueous development. In the Summer of 2017 GG started changing rapidly. Fictitious_Rotor became the second king and GG started its transformation to a more welcoming city.

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