Rank 6
Nickname Jp, Mac(Use At Own Risk), TheCrazyCyborg, LoneGolurk
Founder of New Cradle
Caretaker of New Cradle
Jpmac11 is one of the oldest still active players on the server, surpassed only by killingxx and cyanide43/ferax. He joined just after the server became a Survival/Creative split instead of an entirely Creative server.

Jpmac11's Story

"Gather around, young and old Freebuilders, as I recite my story as a Freebuilder. For I believe that all of us should know what it was like near the beginning.

"It all began in my sophmore year. I had just stopped playing on my long-time favorite creative server, which I left due to staff corruption. I was looking around on PMC, trying to find a good server to play on. I found Freebuilders. It was either late 2013 or early 2014.

"I began to play on Freebuilders, and quickly noticed how friendly the staff were. I completed the book quiz that they used to give you instead of it being a whitelisted server.

"I made my way to the survival server. Noticing the utter lack of space near spawn, I crafted a boat, and started to sail out. I found a small island, and set up base on the west coast of the island. Little did I know then, that small home would eventually become the center of a small town. A small town called Cradle.

"I quickly made some friends on the server, and got a friend of mine irl, skeletonx, to join, and founded Cradle. A small settlement, nestled on the western beaches of the island. It consisted of my home, three of my friends’ homes, and a ware house dug into the mountain.

"After a long time of playing on Freebuilders, I logged on one day and noticed something…different. First off, I was at spawn. And second, the spawn was much different(and not like it is now). My inventory was also empty. There were many glitches, and I stopped playing for a while.

"Then, I thought, why not get back on Freebuidlers. Sadly, there was an odd glitch that auto-banned me for no reason at all. Cyan got the glitch fixed, unbanned me, and I joined back on the server, noticing a huge change.

"I started off this new adventure living in the former moderator’s, Dannaris’, town, Taskue Villiage.

"I quickly got the rest of the K-Team(RunKennyRun, loc_beast1, and kickassinstein) to join up, and Kenny founded the town you most know now as Las Islas. Soon, Kenny invited me to live in the town, and I grabbed all of my valubales, and made the long trek from Taskue to Las Islas.

"And that is where my story ends, for the rest is history."