The Nether Hub is a massive railway system in the Nether used to get around the server's map much, much more quickly, due to the fact that 1 block in the Nether is equivalent to 8 blocks in the Overworld. The Hub was originally built by The_sizzler and DOMOHEAD, with the colored compass being added by Battlecastt and ChocletBean .

There are four rail lines that extend in the cardinal directions and are punctuated by rail stops at certain key intersections. Numerous walking and powered rail lines will also branch off from the main lines, each generally maintained by the owner of the portal that the path leads to. Rail lines are often stocked with minecarts, but travelers may find it easier to bring their own minecart with them.

While the hub is fairly safe, travelers are advised to be able to deal with Zombie pigmen. Due to unknown reasons, Pigmen may suddenly turn hostile. For the most part, the main rail line sections will provide protection to those in minecarts. Branching paths may not necessarily provide the same level of protection, especially for paths that reach a far distance from the main line.

Central Hub

2015-08-01 23.44.15

Nether hub

South Line

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South Line Hub Terminus

The South Line services many settlements, including Las Islas, Southern Isles, Cradle, Pendragon, and other minor settlements. Most exit points correlate to due south in the Overworld, but many exits are located in the Southeast.

The main rail line ends at the portal to the Southern Isles. Travelers can continue walking south towards Pendragon. The South Line has no formal terminus and extends past the Pendragon portal.

Aside from Overworld portals, there is access to a Wither spawning area for farming purposes.

South map v1 1

South Line System Map

West Line

Mob Farms

The first mob farm on the West Line is an Overworld portal to Midge_42's Zombie Grinder. Exit from the main line at X block -130.

Nether Farm is located at X block -427. This farm is a large no light platform ideal for farming Wither Skeletons. Blocks surrounding the platform are covered in slabs in order to force all spawning to occur on the platform.

In the North-West corner of the Nether Farm platform are two blaze spawners. The spawners are not close enough to allow AFK spawning from both.

The end of the West line is currently X block -740. The tunnel South at that location. 70 blocks down the South tunnel, there is an exit to Overworld portal leading to Sevadon's Skeleton Farm.

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West Line

North Line

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North Line

East Line

2015-08-01 23.44.09

East Line

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