Here is an in-depth explanation of our rules.

No griefing or raiding

This is a mature server, with a focus on building. Ruining the experience of others, whether it be through taking their items or destroying their builds is never okay.

Pranks are allowed on the server, but please keep them to a reasonable standard. It's also important to think about whether the other person would appreciate or welcome the prank before actually doing it.

Be friendly in the chat

No advertising, swearing, etc.

Though this is a mature server, we like to keep our chat clean and make sure that both young and old feel welcomed in-game. We have a filter that blocks the most offensive words, but writing negative or hurtful things towards other players is not acceptable. If we discover that harassment of any of our players is happening, we will ban the offender promptly.

Keep the world clean

Don't build one-block towers or ruin landscapes.

If you're a veteran to Minecraft servers, you should already be familiar with this rule. Please keep the world limited to quality builds.

No hacks or mods

No hacks/mods. (Texture packs allowed.)

We work hard to ensure that gameplay is fair among all members. Thus, mods and hacks that give players an unfair advantage (such as fast placers or speed hacks) are strictly prohibited. To avoid specific questions in the future, a list of allowed mods is shown below.

Allowed mods

  • Inventory
  • Minimap
  • Monster Spawn Highlighter
  • Optifine
  • Schematica

Respect the players and staff

Though you may get really into in the game and the goings-on sometimes, it is important to realize that there is a person playing on each username, and that person just wants to enjoy Minecraft. Be nice.

Give others space

Build at least 20 blocks from others. It's only fair to give other players the space to expand when they get the chance.

Use the website to stay updated

The homepage at is an essential source of information. We feature weekly challenges, server news, and social features on it. Simply put, every player should use the website regularly.

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