Creation & Treaty

The SYS Region was created when three members signed a treaty agreeing, "that they [would] join their lands together," among other agreements. Additional members have joined since the treaty's original signing.

SYS Treaty

The treaty reads:

In order to avoid disputes, conflict, et cetera, those who sign this document agree to the following*:

  • That they will join their lands together**
  • That they will never wage war on each other
  • That resouces, such as land, timber, and ore, will not be hoarded***
  • That additional conquests are made with consideration to the surrounding settlements
  • That they will work together to promote trade both inside and outside their lands

*subject to change and revisions as needed, **though they will remain in control of their respective areas, ***unless unusual distribution is agreed upon by the members in conflict


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Area & Settlements

The area that the region encompasses has changed as members have joined. Map of current area.

The region is occupied by four members, three of which are active. As per the treaty, they still remain in control of their land. Map showing divisions. (Note: this is just a rough drawing of how the land is divided)


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